Service-Packs & Patches

Service packs and patches from Microsoft must not be installed on the dual-processor version of the iTNC 530 with Windows 2000 unless they have been released by HEIDENHAIN.The updates may be installed on hard disks with older software levels.

HEIDENHAIN cannot guarantee the compatibility of these service packs and patches with additionally installed Windows applications.
Also see: Update Information of the Technical Manual. 

Windows XP:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Microsoft Service-Pack 3 für Windows XP
additionally contain the Microsoft patches: KB981793, KB954459, KB956802, KB952069, KB923561, KB952004, KB956572, KB960803, KB959426, KB961501, KB970238, KB973815, KB973540, KB973507, KB973869, KB971657, KB960859, KB956744, KB971961, KB956844, KB975025, KB954155, KB974112, KB974571, KB969059, KB958869, KB974392, KB974318, KB973904, KB972270, KB978706, KB975713, KB978037, KB977914, KB975560, KB979309, KB978601, KB980232, KB981332, KB977816, KB979402, KB978338, KB978542, KB975562, KB979482, KB978695, KB980195, KB980218, KB2229593, KB2286198, KB981852, KB2160329, KB980436, KB981997, KB2079403, KB2115168, KB982214, KB982665

340 492-06 SP02

340 492-03  

additionally contain the Microsoft patches KB916281, KB893756, KB896423, KB896424, KB899587, KB899589, KB900725, KB901017, KB901214, KB904706, KB905414, KB905749, KB908519, KB908523,KB908531, KB911280, KB912919, KB913580, KB914388, KB914389, KB917159, KB917736, KB917953, KB911564, KB921883

In addition, as per Microsoft recommendation Q246261, the value of the registry variable HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet
ControlLsarestrictanonymous is now set to 2 (previously 0).
The changes can be installed later on units already delivered, if necessary 

340 480-13
340 492-01
340 492-02  

additionally contain the Microsoft patches KB885836, KB873339, KB885835, KB871250, KB885250, KB873333, KB891781, KB888113, KB893086, KB890859, KB893066, KB894320, KB873339, KB896358, KB896422, KB890046 und KB890261 (Windows Messenger 5.1).  

340 480-12
340 481-12  

additionally contain the Microsoft patches KB841533, KB840987, KB841356, KB834707, KB819696, KB839643, KB814078.  

additionally contain the Microsoft patches KB823559, KB824105, KB823182, KB826232, KB828035, KB825119, KB828749, KB828741, KB837001, KB842526, KB841872, KB841873, KB840315, KB839645

340 480-11
340 481-11  

Microsoft service pack 4 for Windows 2000 and the Microsoft patch KB835732  

340 480-10
340 481-10  


NC Software

Windows XP:
KB951376, KB952954, KB943460, KB951698, KB946026, KB941569, KB948590, KB950749, KB938464, KB956390, KB943055, KB944338, KB946648, KB956803, KB933729, KB957095, KB936782, KB950974, KB954211, KB956841, KB950762, KB951066, KB943485, KB945553, KB951748, KB944653, KB937894, KB950760, KB958644

340 492-05

Windows 2000
KB937143, KB938127, KB927779, KB917008, KB917344, KB918118, KB920213, KB920670, KB920683, KB920685, KB921398, KB921503, KB923191, KB923414, KB923980, KB924270, KB924667, KB925902, KB926122, KB926436, KB928843, KB930178, KB931784, KB935839, KB935840, KB935843, KB936021, KB938827, KB938829, KB925398

340 492-04