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Highest accuracy and repeatability between temperatures of 19 °C and 21 °C with a thermally invariable design

With an accuracy of 0.1 µm and a repeatability of 0.03 µm, the HEIDENHAIN-CERTO length gauge gives you the most exact measurement over a range of 60 mm that the market has to offer. The calibration chart indicates a value for linear error compensation. In combination with an ND 287 evaluation unit, the achievable accuracy improves to +/-0.05 µm.

Using the recommended CS 200 gauge stand even results in a thermally invariable measuring loop. Since the gauge stand and the HEIDENHAIN-CERTO mechanism both consist of Invar (expansion 1 ppm/K) and the scale with 2 µm signal period is manufactured from ZERODUR (expansion 0.1 ppm/K), small variations in temperature, which generally cannot be avoided, do not affect the accuracy. For high-accuracy measurements, such as stations where the finished dimensions are checked, the optional analog module can be used to compensate for deviations in the temperature of the workpiece or the entire system from the standard 20 °C.

The results of tactile measurements in this accuracy range can already be influenced by an unevenness when zeroing the length gauge. For this reason the CS 200 gauge stand fulfills special requirements regarding a flatness of 0.6 µm for the surface relevant to the measurement. For even greater requirements regarding the flatness, the ceramic plate with vacuum suction can be used. This accessory is specified for a flatness of 0.1 µm.

The electrical motor offers three gauging forces and a very constant probing force over the entire measuring range. The heat input by the operator is reduced to a minimum.


Thermally invariable design

INVAR mechanism, ZERODUR measuring standard


± 0.1 µm over the entire measuring range of 60 mm
± 0.05 µm with linear error compensation from the calibration chart


0.05 µm for measuring range of 60 mm

Products used in this application



SG 60 M switch box for CT 6001 length gauges


CS 200 gauge stand for CT 6001 length gauges


Recommended accessories

Ceramic suction plate


Diaphragm pump


ND 287 with one measuring channel


Ethernet module for ND 287


Analog module for temperature compensation


Foot switch (assignment must be adapted)