New repair strategy for control units

Since January 1, 2015, HEIDENHAIN has been offering the new repair strategy for all control units of the CC series. The assignment of spare parts to the repair packages is much more customer-oriented now, and the repair depth has been enlarged. All current control units are available in the HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange.

Overview of the repair packages:

Repair package Small Parts

  • Clean the device.
  • Inspect the device.
  • Repair or exchange small parts.
  • Update the hardware and software.
  • Run detailed functional test under simulated operating conditions.
  • Perform a 24-hour RUN-IN test in the climatic chamber.

Repair package Function 1

  • As repair package Small Parts
  • Replace defective components (such as housing, fan, small PCB).

Repair package Function 2

  • As repair package Function 1
  • Replace defective functional components (e.g. drive control board).